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This Knowledge Group programme is a multi-level course designed for adults and young adults who are seeking to improve their Business English to meet their future career aspirations. The General Business English course is intended for career-minded professionals and covers a broad range of business language across the full spread of language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking, together with grammar and vocabulary.

Key benefits :

Improve Business English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Expand vocabulary of Business English. Boost confidence communicating in English within a business environment.


Who is this programme for?

The General Business English course is designed for adults and young adults seeking to improve their Business English. All participants must sit a pre-course assessment examination.



Course Content: ​

1. Business English Intermediate 1 (30 Hours) Topics - Globalisation, Brands, Travel and Advertising Writing - E-mails, memos and summaries Skills - Managing telephone calls, Taking part in meetings, Making arrangements on the telephone, Starting presentations.
2. Business English Intermediate 2 (30 Hours) Topics - Employment, Trade, Innovation and Organisation Writing - Promotional leaflets, faxes, news articles and reports Skills - Managing meetings, Negotiating, Presenting, Socialising.
3. Business English Intermediate 3 (30 Hours) Topics - Money, Ethics, Change and Strategy Writing - Reports, letters, action minutes and press releases Skills - Dealing with figures, Problem solving, Meetings, Decision-making.
4. Business English Intermediate 4 (30 Hours) Topics - Cultures, Leadership, Competition and Quality Writing - Faxes, letters, reports and memos Skills - Social English, Leading a team, Negotiating, Complaining on the telephone