Government Competencies                                   


  • The applicant must be of age between 20 and 45
  • The applicant must possess a valid emirates id and is a UAE National or an ExPat with valid UAE residency available for 6 months from date of application
  • All applicants must have excellent English Language level equivalent to (IELTS 5.0, B2 CEFR, EMSAT 1000+) or higher
  • The applicant must have good Math skills in the Accounting, Finance and Auditing tracks
  • The applicant must ensure to have access to a laptop and high internet connection for the live sessions
  • The applicant can register for 1 course ONLY at the same time
  • Applications for any course will be reviewed in order of date and time received – First submitted First Processed
  • Application for any course must be completed with all relevant documentation at least 2 weeks before the start of the course
  • Though each course maybe delivered more than once at the same time SEATS ARE LIMITED
  • All applicants will be asked to upload proof for verification of their Emirates Id, Passport copy, all documentation required for eligibility for a course including degrees, letters of experience from employer, or letter of termination if not working, English Language and Math proof of level either from an international exam result or high school transcript or university transcript.
  • Applicants who provide information in the application that cannot be proven by documentation uploaded will be blocked from applying for a course for 6 months. Their requests/applications won't be processed.
  • An internal application score will be used for approving candidates so refusal does not necessarily mean that the applicant does not satisfy the entry requirements but there are others with a score higher. Applicant can try again in next batch if available or as appropriate.
  • The applicant should expect a response 2 weeks after date of submission
  • To avoid disqualification from the program registered for all applicants must:
    • Maintain a 60% or higher average at any point during the study phase of the program
    • Maintain 90% or higher attendance to all online live sessions during study of the program
    • Submit all assignments by the deadline during study of the program
    • Conduct any required assessment from them during the program according to its rules
    • Conduct best behavior during the live study sessions online
  • Upon completion of the training course the applicant has a period of 3 months to sit and pass the certification exam. The applicant shall pay for the fees of the exam and when they pass they are reimbursed the fee for 1 exam registration fee after submitting receipt of payment and Certificate as proof to ADSG.
  • Any applicant can submit a withdrawal notice from program if they can clearly prove that there are circumstances beyond their control (Force Majeure)
  • The applicant who withdraws from the program or is disqualified will not be able to register for another course in the program unless 2 years have passed from the date of disqualification or withdrawal
  • By accepting the terms listed above the applicant understands that their personal commitment and responsibility is at stake here and will do their best to perform with the highest level of diligence to ensure success for themselves and the program.

You must be aware that your answers to the questions will require proof uploaded at the end of the registration process so please donot respond on anything that you cannot prove by documents as it may result in your immediate disqualification from the program for the next 6 months. To review the rules of the program please make sure you read them on the website to ensure that you know what they are. The most important rules to ensure are age between 20 and 45, must be a UAE Citizen or ExPat with valid 6 months residency, have good English and Math levels, upload documents that verify you meet minimum requirements for course chosen and willing to commit to work to succeed.

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