​​​​​​​​​​Curriculum documents quickly become stagnant and irrelevant if they are not regularly reviewed and renewed. Curriculum outcomes require constant reflection to determine gaps, opportunities to deepen, adaptations to specific school contexts, and additions to more effectively augment the socio-cultural needs of students

​In the GCC context for example, to assume that the American Common Core or the English National Curriculum can be simply transplanted to a new region without any adaptation will negatively impact the potential of student learning. Curriculum outcomes require contextual considerations such as national culture and heritage, language proficiency, prior learning, mastery of learning skills, and support for varying levels of learning needs to be taken seriously.

​With curriculum development, we help schools and universities​ customise curriculum to best suit school needs and aspirations while meeting international accreditation requirements. We assist schools that aspire to create a unique brand around the integration of national identity, for example, or STEM, vocational preparation, or high academic performance, in designing custom curriculum maps.

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