​​​​​​​​​​​​​Leading schools is a considerable task. Most school leaders, whether formally prepared for the job or not, find it challenging. From managing the day-to-day aspects of a school day, leading instructional change, championing a long-term vision, and keeping all stakeholder needs (including students, parents, staff, and board) in check is daunting.

Being a middle leader (department head/subject leader) is equally daunting. Most middle leaders are often put into a leadership role by virtue of being a good teacher, or someone committed to the school, or simply someone who has been there long enough. But in most cases, middle leaders are not given adequate support to be effective their role. 

We offer some of the most globally renowned leadership courses commonly given to senior executives and middle managers in the business world with an educational twist. We take the problem-centred and case studies approach used in high-impact business leadership programmes and adapt them to the needs of senior and middle leaders in schools and colleges. These include:

 1- Blessing White :

​In partnership with Blessing White, we offer a suite of research-based yet highly practical leadership programmes that transform the way leaders will view leadership. Courses such as: Why Should Anyone Be Led By You, Out Thinker Process, and Leading Out Loud will challenge senior leaders and middle leaders in schools to question their own assumptions about leadership and support you in making immediate practical change in the way you lead.

 2- CMI :​

 In partnership with CMI, we offer a suite of foundational leadership tools that comprise the functional aspects of leading schools. Topics like managing school budgets, performance appraisal systems, mitigating risks, and communicating effectively support both senior and middle leaders to simply be better at what they do. 

All of our leadership programmes include needs assessments to establish agreed upon outcomes, coaching and on-going check-ins to ensure implementation, and practical assignments that require action. 

 Note: Lead​ership programs that are completed fully can be awarded Level 7 Diploma or a Level 5 Certificate from the National Qualificati​ons Agency (NQA) of the UAE.

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