​​​​​​​​​​Education is at the top of the national agenda across the GCC. As both public and private schools aspire for international recognition and national goals, the task ahead is considerable. At the root is student achievement which demands excellence in curriculum and teaching.

Knowledge Group has developed a custom model for school reform - the School Turn Around Model (STAM). STAM provides a roadmap for improvement from the starting point of a particular school. After a needs assessment, a one, two, or three year roadmap is provided that illustrates to a school how we can take them to “outstanding”. The following diagram reflects the key pillars of STAM:


Every STAM Roadmap includes recommendations for applying a for​mal quality assurance model into the school rhythm for on-going improvement, leadership coaching using cutting edge executive leadership programmes, full-staff development on targeted areas of needs, and agreed-upon tools and mechanisms to track implementation and measure achievement of outcomes.

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