​​​​​​Students are at the centre of the educational enterprise and yet we often assume the formal experience of schools will provide a well-rounded education. Knowledge Group provides critical educational programs for students based on identified gaps in formal schooling. We recognise that schools have limited resources and often the extracurricular aspects that matter most are offered inconsistently from school to school. Some of the programs we currently offer to boost student learning are:

1- Morrisby :

In partnership with Morriby, we offer online career guidance assessments that provide graduating students with direction on potential career paths that match their personal strengths and interests. 

 2- Youth Leadership Programmes Need :

Acknowledging that schools can do far more to prepare ​students with critical soft skills and leadership abilities, we offer, custom in-school and extra-curricular youth leadership programmes. These programs can be conducted regionally or internationally with our partners and be customised to include English language components and reinforcement of national identity and heritage aspects.

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