We achieve transformation in teaching and learning through a combination of cutting edge solutions: 

1- Kagan Professional Development:

In partnership with Kagan Publishing & Professional Development (San Clemente, CA) and Kagan Arabian Region, we offer the suite of Kagan Cooperative Learning modules combined with Kagan Coaching model of on-the-spot classroom to ensure effective implementation. Thousands of teachers in forty-two countries have benefited from Kagan training for increased student engagement and coaching for successful implementation. Teachers learn effective strategies for high student interaction and management tips for a smooth-running classroom. Student benefits include:   higher academic scores, increased confidence, greater task engagement, broader student participation, more active learning, improved social skills, and increased cooperation, respect, and sharing.

2- Center for Teaching Thinking:

In partnership with the Center for Teaching Thinking, we address the urgent need of infusing critical and creative thinking across the curriculum in K-12 schools and colleges. CTT has a track record across schools in the United States and globally in providing teachers with the conceptual understanding and practical strategies to deepen student learning. 

3- STAM: 

Built into our custom School Turn Around Model (STAM) is a unique sequence of training courses that target the critical big ideas in any school inspection process: a) Student Centred Learning, b) Differentiated Instruction, and c) Data Driven Instruction. Our model facilitates target training acknowledging that teachers themselves are at varying levels of expertise and confidence in the classroom​

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