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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Process and Capacity Development

Our work in this area relates to the development within an organisation of the management processes and staff groups needed to support strategy implementation. Typically this work involves the creation or development of the unit charged with oversight of strategy implementation, such as a Project or Strategy Management office.

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Strategic Alignment

In complex multi-layer, multi-divisional and multi-geographic organisations, the concept of aligning an organisation behind a single strategy is difficult to apply. The different parts of the organisation are designed to do different things - under these circumstances deploying a single strategy that can be deployed across all units requires a strategy that is sufficiently generic to apply equally well to any unit. Such generic strategies are likely to be ineffective - strategic success requires pursuit of goals that are specific, and clearly differentiated from those in competing organisations. Likewise subsidiary units can find it hard to engage with generic corporate strategic statements - although the terms are understood, the unit managers struggle to translate these statements into appropriate and relevant local goals. We work on the development of methods to bridge this gap between overall strategic intent and the creation of locally relevant, actionable, interpretations of these goals.


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