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Online Career Guidance Journey

From High School to Career


Knowledge Group’s Career Guidance Journey helps young people make decisions about what they should study and where they would like to work. The Journey is designed to:

  • Expose young people to different career opportunities.
  • Provide up-to-date knowledge about the world of work.
  • Help young people understand their academic and career aspirations.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards learning and work.
  • Support young people in identifying their passions, knowledge, and strengths and the education and career tracks that match their ambitions.

Although designed as an online experience, the Career Guidance Journey can also be delivered face-to-face.


Our Career Guidance Journey benefits different groups in a variety of ways.

Students/Young People

 Enables them to explore potential education and career paths, as well as learn more about the world of work before making plans.


 Demonstrates the importance of providing encouragement and support to their children when making education and career choices.


 Enables them to provide their students with the necessary counselling and guidance to pursue the education choice that fits their passions, values, aptitude, and interests, as well as the employability skills required to prepare them for their careers.


 Career coaching and career development create a competitive advantage for the organization.


The Career Guidance Journey incorporates the following tools and interventions:

  • Assessments and Counselling.
  • Career-related Workshops
  • Introduction to Career Sectors
  • Higher Education and Career Orientation
  • Interactive Skills Workshops
  • Career Advice and Support

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