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​​​Virtual Executive coaching offers the same benefits and opportunities that traditional face to face coaching provides. It helps leaders gain clarity, focus and the emotional resilience required to overcome challenges that they are facing now and prepares them to deal with similar and other unforeseen challenges of the future.

Why Virtual Coaching

A confidential sounding boards to help filter out noise and shape ideasBrings convenience to leadersHelping leaders clarify individual leadership themesRegain clarity and purposeNavigating obstacles and challenges in order to bring about authentic resolutions

Rapid virtual Coaching (RVC)

In these unprecedented times, leaders face tremendous pressure to keep the business strong as well as keeping the employees motivated, all this while obstacles and challenges are mounting.

Knowledge group is aware that coaching moments are sometimes urgent and has for this purpose introduced rapid virtual coaching.

What is RVC

Rapid virtual coaching is a fast paced 30 minute coaching experience that provides leaders the confidential space to discuss and reflect on matters that are urgent. Leaders have to keep pace with the demands and complexity of the new world, they need specialized support. We can help!​

The sessions could be scheduled within hours of request.