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Reinventing Project Management

12 October 2017

Location: Abu Dhabi University - Abu Dhabi Campus, UAE

Any organisation’s Project Management Office (PMO) plays an exceptionally important role in overall organisational success – laying out and maintaining performance standards, aligning strategic objectives, effectively managing costs, and maximising available efficiencies. As a result, ensuring a PMO stays relevant, effective, and fit-for-purpose is a constant challenge for every organisation that wants to maintain its edge in the market.

In proud partnership with Advisors, Knowledge Group is set to tackle some of these central issues through our exclusive “Reinventing Project Management” event. Targeted exclusively at the region’s leading Project Management professionals, our focused programme will feature PMO experts, lively discussions, and focused seminars on effective approaches to creating a sustainable, effective PMO for your organisation.

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Event Benefits:

  • Understand different PMO approaches
  • Answer the question of “why do we need a PMO?”
  • View different development routes to PMO leadership
  • Gain insights from leading PMO professionals
  • Meet with fellow Project Management experts

Who should attend:

Professional from all industries, including Oil & Gas, Energy, Government and Healthcare, with job titles including:

  • PMO Directors
  • PMO Sponsors
  • PMO Managers
  • Programme Directors
  • Programme Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • OPM Professionals
  • Senior Directors, Directors, Managers and Division Heads related to projects & programmes
  • Heads of Training, Talent Department heads, etc.

Seminar Descriptions

How to Establish a Successful PMO - Dr Saadi Adra

Some statistics show that 75% of PMOs fold within 4 years of their initial setup. There are multiple reasons behind PMO failure, which are dissected within the seminar to gain some lessons that are valuable for establishing an enduring PMO. PMOs cannot be established using a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL approach because there are multiple forms of PMOs, each serving a different purpose. Hence the most important question is “why do we need a PMO?”.

The 10 PMO/PMC Integration Success Factors - Dr Saadi Adra

What is a Project Management Office and how does it relate to Project Management Control for large infrastructure projects? PMOs have been commonly utilised in government organisations and large corporates, while PMCs are more common within engineering companies and focus on managing the technicalities of projects. Recently, quite a few engineering companies have been requested to establish PMOs for ministries, to help meet some of the requirements of Vision 2030. This seminar will look at how, for a Capital Infrastructure project, we need to define PMC roles and their relationship with the PMO.

Capacity Development Programmes for Various PMO Careers

These programmes are designed for the organisation, and are geared towards helping corporate and government entities establish the right PMO, and operate and maintain the PMO for years to come. The programmes support PMO leaders who possess the right knowledge and skills to act as qualified leaders in enhancing organisational project management, and in delivering sustainable objectives for the organisation.


Thursday 12 October 2017

  • 09:00Registration, Welcome & Networking
  • 09:30“Reinventing the PMO” - Dr. Saadi Adra
  • 10:20Networking Coffee
  • 10:40The 10 PMO/PMC Integration Success Factors - Dr. Saadi Adra
  • 11:35Networking Coffee
  • 11:50Capacity Development Programmes for PMO Careers

Contact Us

For further details, please contact:Knowledge GroupP.O. Box 59911 Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesToll Free: 800 2212Tel: +971 2 5015454Fax: +971 2 5866782Email:[email protected]