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  • What does it take to keep emp...

    1 May 2017

    ​EngagementIt almost goes without saying that a training & development initiative is going to h...Read More

  • Future Trends: Getting Specif...

    2 May 2017

    As we enter 2017, ADUKG is taking a moment in this short series of blogs to look at some of the pos...Read More

  • When it comes to training, sp...

    12 Jun 2017

    Every talent management and human resources professional will be aware that, for nearly every work-...Read More

  • When it comes to coaching, th...

    12 Jun 2017

    When you think of the classic conception of a sports team coach, you will very likely fall on an im...Read More

  • Keeping training in step with...

    17 Aug 2017

    With the news so full of talk of technological advancements – from AI and robotics, to virtual real...Read More

  • How to turbo-charge your mana...

    18 Oct 2017

    ​Great management requires many factors and skills – an ability to listen, a capacity to delegate, ...Read More

  • Customised Training & Develop...

    27 Nov 2017

    Whether your UAE organisation is based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or elsewhere, training & de...Read More

  • Mission Possible: The Secret ...

    20 Dec 2017

    Customer happiness – the winning result of great customer service that produces not only happy and ...Read More

  • Soft Skills: Not a soft train...

    8 Jan 2018

    For human resources and talent management professionals tasked with directing their organisations' ...Read More

  • Why Training & Development is...

    24 Oct 2018

    ​Many people's experience of training & development will be led by the efforts of their employe...Read More

  • The key to staying relevant i...

    24 Oct 2018

    ​Whether you are a CEO or a young professional, the nature of today's constantly changing job marke...Read More

  • Great leaders define the busi...

    24 Oct 2018

    ​Early in their leadership tenure at a business, all leaders need to define the kind of organisatio...Read More

  • Preparing your employees for ...

    24 Oct 2018

    ​When a business decides to change strategic course, its leaders need to be ready to carefully mana...Read More

  • MENA Training & Development: ...

    26 Dec 2018

    ​When you're talking about training & development within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA...Read More

  • This is why educational leade...

    26 Dec 2018

    ​Educational leaders manage considerable and varied challenges every day – from scheduling classes,...Read More

  • 4 Lessons to Learn from 2018

    23 Jan 2019

    Lifelong learning is essentialIf the occasionally unpredictable nature of 2018 showed anything, it ...Read More

  • Make These the Management Boo...

    27 Jan 2019

    It's 2019, it's a New Year, and it's time for some new reading material to improve your approach to...Read More

  • 3 Predictions for Training & ...

    29 Jan 2019

    ​If human resources and talent management professionals know anything, it is that our industry chan...Read More

  • Engage With Employees to Boos...

    26 Feb 2019

    ​Employee engagement is a topic we discuss frequently on this blog, and with very good reason. High...Read More

  • These are Some of Knowledge G...

    26 Feb 2019

    ​Knowledge Group is dedicated to continuously producing high-quality thought leadership articles to...Read More

  • Why training & development wi...

    14 Mar 2019

    There has been a great deal of talk and excitement about the rise of online learning options in rec...Read More

  • Three websites every talent m...

    19 Mar 2019

    ​There is a huge range of websites available for talent management and HR professionals to visit to...Read More

  • Making productivity hacks wor...

    21 Mar 2019

    Productivity is something most professionals would like more of. Whether we begin our working day a...Read More

  • How to make learning a part o...

    27 Mar 2019

    Most professionals are aware that personal and professional development is critical for maximising ...Read More

  • Three talent management trend...

    28 Mar 2019

    As 2019 continues, we're already looking ahead to the second quarter and thinking about the trends ...Read More

  • Leadership and the need to th...

    14 Apr 2019

    ​Leaders of every company know that their role encompasses an element of being in the public eye. W...Read More

  • How training investment impro...

    21 Apr 2019

    ​Investing in training & development can have many organisational benefits. It will, of course,...Read More

  • A robust Training Needs Analy...

    30 Jun 2019

    ​Most organizations conduct some form of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) but, for many, this consists...Read More