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    Mfarrej, M.F.B.

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    Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences, Abu Dhabi University, AD Campus, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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    Environment, Climate Change

Climate change patterns in the UAE: A qualitative research and review.


Climate change is an inevitable challenge for the whole world these days. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is classified among the countries with highest rate of vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change in the world. The purpose of this qualitative research is to study the patterns of climate change in the UAE and to predict the future patterns. The methods used in the study were reviews and interviews as the data collection method. The results obtained summarized that UAE is facing many challenges related to the climate change impacts such as, water resources, coastal areas and food security. UAE’s efforts and future plans in dealing with climate change have been discussed. Climate change is hard to control because the emissions of green house gases (GHG) do not respect the boards, so countries should co-operate and take actions on global level to ensure save earth. © 2019 Technoscience Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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