Capabilities / Themes

Nationalization and Employment

With the drive from regional governments to increase the nationalization of their workforces, organizations need to achieve ambitious nationalization targets. To do so, they require an in-depth knowledge of cultural and social conditions, as well as a thorough understanding of the latest talent management approaches. Knowledge Group is a leader in the region in nationalization strategy and talent management consulting services. We have a wealth of information gathered from research conducted over several years.

Project and Program Management

No matter the sector, all organizations face challenges when managing work to achieve particular objectives. Whether this is a single project, a programmed of work, or a portfolio of different projects, successful outcomes require the use of managerial tools and approaches, as well as the appropriate level of knowledge.

Operational Excellence

Processes are the cornerstone of business activities. Successful design and implementation of processes result in effective and efficient operations. Knowledge Group can help your organization optimize its business operations through performing a diagnostic review of procedures and recommending operations that will drive excellence in business activities, including the use of technological applications such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

Sustainability and Green Economy

Sustainability generally refers to the capacity of the eco-system and human civilization to coexist. Sustainable development includes processes and activities that lead to sustainability. A green economy is the application of sustainable development to economic activities. Knowledge Group recognises that there is a growing move from industries towards implementing sustainability and has the capabilities to support organisations in this plan.

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