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​​​​​​Outsourcing is frequently considered as a cost-effective and immediate solution to manpower shortages in an organisation. Knowledge Group’s approach to manpower outsourcing is unique, based on our in-depth understanding of local markets, our commitment to understanding closely what a client really needs, and our wealth of contacts across the MENA region. When we create a manpower outsourcing solution it is designed to produce both immediate and long-term results, and it can be implemented with a minimum of necessary input by the client, leaving you more time to get on with your strategic priorities.

Differentiation features:

Focused on cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainabilityDelivered by experts who understand the regionBased on global best-practicesTarget a variety of business functions through one expert outsourcing solution

Your benefits:

Gain immediate injection of skills into your organisationUtilise the talents of new employeesKeep your costs low through cost-effective solutionsAugment your current capacitiesBolster your productivity and outputFast-track projects

All Knowledge Group solutions are customised and designed for an individual client’s needs and training goals. Our bespoke programmes can be delivered to groups on-site or at dedicated training locations. Knowledge Group’s customised outsourcing solutions have made a long-term, sustainable impact to clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.​

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