​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand that all organisations are different; they have their own cultures, values, strategies, structures, systems, processes, and - most importantly - people.

As such, we also recognise the importance of designing customized learning solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization and of your people, at all levels. Our highly customized approach promotes success built on exceptional performance, mutual commitment and sustainable impact.

As experts in leadership development, Knowledge Group’s consultants work closely and in collaboration with every client through the full learning and development cycle. All of our customized programs are aligned with client and participant needs, which are determined based on a rigorous assessment process outlined in the diagram below. Working with you through this process will ensure that the design, development, delivery, and evaluation are seamless. You can choose to have as much or as little input into the process as meetings your needs.

KG Learning and Development_800Eng copy.png


Explore: Discuss business issues, the environment and all variables that would affect the delivery of the training course through a close collaboration between you and our design team. This needs assessment will uncover the gap between what learners can currently do, with what they could do if they receive the right supports.

Decide on Learning Outcome and Business Metrics: Agree on the learning objectives, KPIs, and the assessment criteria. Moreover we will suggest the best learning interventions to support the required development.​

Co-Design: This step includes extensive course development, agreement on the content, format and design of the training material. You will be consulted through every step and will have the final approval on program related content and materials.

Implement: Deliver the interactive training with experiential learning components so that the participants can understand how to apply them practically back at work. In addition, this interactivity will provoke their thinking to be able to reflect on the theories, concepts and best practices, and the importance of applying them.​

Review: Receive and Analyze feedback and accordingly advise on what went well, areas of development and items that need to be included in future sessions that will increase the training impact for future participants.  ​​


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